最近不上班,在家闲的要死,整理一下 AAAI2020 对话相关的论文,后续组内会组织分享,可以好好学习一下。


  • Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Open-Domain Dialog
  • Schema-Guided Multi-Domain Dialogue State Tracking with Graph Attention Neural Networks (没有搜到)
  • Towards Scalable Multi-Domain Conversational Agents:The Schema-Guided Dialogue Dataset
  • Dynamic Reward-Based Dueling Deep Dyna-Q: Robust Policy Learning in Noisy Environments
  • MTSS: Learn from Multiple Domain Teachers and Become a Multi-Domain Dialogue Expert (没有搜到)
  • Entrainment2Vec: Embedding Entrainment for Multi-Party Dialogues (没有搜到)
  • Filling Conversation Ellipsis for Better Social Dialog Understanding
  • Task-Oriented Dialog Systems That Consider Multiple Appropriate Responses under the Same Context
  • MA-DST: Multi-Attention-Based Scalable Dialog State Tracking
  • MALA: Cross-Domain Dialogue Generation with Action Learning

Nlp 相关

  • Learning Sparse Sharing Architectures for Multiple Tasks
  • Dynamic Embedding on Textual Networks via a Gaussian Process
  • Is BERT Really Robust? A Strong Baseline for Natural Language Attack on Text Classification and Entailment
  • Learning Multi-Level Dependencies for Robust Word Recognition
  • ParamE: Regarding Neural Network Parameters as Relation Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion
  • Working Memory-Driven Neural Networks with a Novel
  • Knowledge Enhancement Paradigm for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
  • Weakly Supervised POS Taggers Perform Poorly on Truly Low-Resource Languages
  • Two Birds with One Stone: Investigating Invertible Neural Networks for Inverse Problems in Morphology
  • Knowledge Distillation from Internal Representations
  • Semi-Supervised Learning on Meta Structure: Multi-Task
  • Tagging and Parsing in Low-Resource Scenarios


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